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Unlock your potential, increase your performance, develop your creativity and discover your purpose

Collaborating efficiently together to increase assertiveness and enhance optimal functioning  

What we do

We're a people development company: Unlocking healthy anger within individuals and supporting them in using this powerful emotion to fuel productivity and growth as well as enhancing personal performance and creativity through developing assertive communication skills and discovering hidden talents.  

For a positive impact in your life, organisation or business; coaching psychology will support the discovery of inner strengths, improve effectiveness, develop optimal functioning and help the achievement of your full potential

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Anger Coaching is my speciality. Many people say to me  - ‘ I don’t have an anger problem’, or ‘I’m the least angry person I know’. And yet, I’ve worked with countless people who soon discover that their anger is actually the driving force behind how they communicate with others, why they may not feel fulfilled and whether they can become the person they truly want to be, or not. Anger is a powerful emotion that can benefit you - make friends with your anger and use it properly.

When you have an idea but no confidence to pursue it, or your business is already established and yet it’s not growing. Anger Coaching can enhance and improve the tools already within you - to sow your ideas and grow them into reality.  Coaching isn’t about ‘fixing’ you, it’s about developing your already existing skills and abilities to help you gain a sense of fulfilment.  

Inside most adults is a hurt, sad or angry child: This doesn’t mean there’s something ‘wrong’ within each of us, but the realisation that we’re all human and have feelings that may prevent us from growing into the person we’re meant to be.  Spiritual coaching takes you to a deeper level within you to help you connect your inner self with your outter self and allow you to become your true self.

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Coaching can help you discover new ideas, concepts and strategies for development and growth  

Empowering people to use their anger positively:

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