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Create Harmonious Classrooms Without Wasting Time Managing Bad Behaviour

For teachers who want to thrive when teaching - Tristone Positive Education are leading the way in Anger-Informed Practice, that guarantees a positive learning environment, just by empowering teachers to use anger positively. 

Gain More Time To Teach And Freedom For Fun

The usual way teachers manage bad behaviour in their classroom, is to exit the student who is disrupting their lesson.


It doesn’t end there though, because now you have guilt that you’re failing that student, and you know you’re going to have to follow this up later. Never mind the fact that their presence in your class makes your job exhausting, and you can’t help disliking them, and nothing seems to change their behaviour.


In the meantime, you’re left at the mercy of the hundreds of forms to complete, learning plans to update, and time wasted having endless phones calls with their parent, rather than enjoying teaching, having fun, and using your freedom to pursue your own interests outside of work.


Enter: A simple solution we call Positive Anger Coaching.


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‘Tanya first started working with students at ASHS in 2017, delivering the CHAMP initiative (Children's Healthy Anger Management Programme) to identified students to support and promote their mental health, wellbeing and decision making. Tanya's non-threatening and supportive approach had a very positive impact. Her level of emotional intelligence and empathy to really understand the challenges faced by young people on an individual basis contributed greatly to the success of her work. We have continued our working relationship with Tanya and look forward to this relationship continuing in the years to come to support young people within our community’.

Rob Connolly - Head of school

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'Anger can be a difficult thing for young people to talk about and come to terms with. Yet it can massively impact the way young people think and the choices they make. Tanya has been working with our school for several years and has provided 1:1 sessions with many of our students -boys and girls and a variety of age groups. Tanya's main strength is in building a relationship often with quite disaffected young people. Once this relationship is in place, Tanya will work to pick up the roots of anger within the young person and then come up with strategies to try and move them forward. She writes very accurate and informative reports I would wholeheartedly recommend her to you or your organisation.'

Nick O'Brian - Assistant Headteacher


‘It has helped me realise what I do when I am angry and how to control it.’

Young Person - From our CHAMP programme