What we care about?

Transforming a young person's life

We offer free positive anger coaching to young people to improve their confidence, build resilience, and cultivate assertive behaviour.

Developing thriving teachers

Because when a teacher is thriving, they’re teaching better – which fundamentally benefits young people

Cultivating positive parenting

Other than peers and teachers, parents are the primary source and epicenter to a young person’s development. Cultivating positive parenting improves the lives of young people

How we've impacted others

‘It has helped me realise what I do when I am angry and how to control it.’

Young Person - From our CHAMP programme

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all children are resilient, thriving, and flourishing

Tristone Coaching is a social enterprise with the aim to improve the lives of young people affected by anger – either their own or witnessed in others, and to enhance teacher wellbeing, cultivate positive parents, and develop influential leaders.

We aim to implement an evidence-based anger management programme that will ameliorate and alleviate anger in all young people nationwide. To achieve this, the aim is to role out efficiently trained Positive Anger Coaches to deliver the CHAMP initiative within their community.

In doing this, the positive behavioural and emotional changes in individuals will improve, develop, and build stronger relationships. This is the foundation for achieving potential and prosperity, as well as creating flourishing and thriving communities.

Why we're here

Our Mission

Our main aim is to improve the lives of young people affected by anger – and to facilitate a positive change within angry adults too.

Our Vision

For all young people to manage their anger, build resilience, and communicate assertively so that they can flourish and thrive now, and in their future. For mental wellbeing professionals to implement our evidence-based anger management initiative CHAMP within schools 

Our Approach

Anger can be beneficial – when explored, utilised, and expressed in the right way. We help restore anger to its primary function and transform the behaviour in individuals so that they can flourish and thrive within their community, as well as use their anger positively, healthily, and assertively.

Meet the team

Tanya Heasley - Health and Wellbeing Coa

Tanya Heasley

CDO and Coaching Psychologist

Tanya is a Coaching Psychologist specialising in Anger Management and Positive Psychology Coaching and has an extensive background in counselling. As an Integrative Coach-Therapist, she is essentially a Health and Wellbeing Professional, and a member of the British Psychological Society.


Mark Lanchester

Project Manager

Mark brings a wealth of experience to the team and has many years of working with young people in developing their self-esteem and confidence.