17 year-olds are not quite children and not yet adults.

This project is for entrepreneurial 17 year-olds, who don't quite fit the mould of traditional education, and struggle to get into employment, but have a business idea that they'd like to implement and need support to execute it. 

Project Mission

A skills development programme to help 17 year-olds discover their strengths, develop their self-esteem, and start their own business


To offer 10 seventeen year-olds in South Norfolk, with their own mentor and place them on our Springboard to Success programme 


We believe that every young 17 year-old has a signature strength that they can utilise to contribute to society 


At the end of the project, candidates would have succeeded in a developing meaningful life for themselves

The Journey

Our Founder and CDO, Tanya, and her husband John, during their 27-year marriage, have had many 17 year-olds either live with them in a time of need or gravitated towards them for nurturing and support.

When the pair were just teenagers themselves, who had both run away together to Mallorca at 17 and 18 respectfully, had a dream that one day they would help young people to flourish and thrive in life.

Tanya began working professionally with young people soon after they were married and has implemented numerous projects that have supported hundreds of young people. 

It was during the pandemic when Tanya started to receive more enquiries for help, from a number of parents with 17-year-old children. Inspired by her own personal history, and her passion to help young people become their best selves – Tanya has set up this new project, just for 17-year-olds.